Water Resources

Water supply in the central Puget Sound is ample and among the cleanest in the nation.

No resource is more important than drinking water. The water crises in Jackson, Mississippi; Flint, Michigan; and Lake Mead, Nevada; are stark reminders of this. In the central Puget Sound's three-county region — King, Pierce, and Snohomish — the water supply is abundant and some of the cleanest in the country. Water providers work tirelessly to manage the regional watersheds, ensuring there’s enough high quality water for people and fish year-round and into the future. The regional water supply also benefits from the many residents, businesses, and schools who take water conservation efforts seriously.

Drinking Water Quality

The Puget Sound’s water is among the cleanest in the nation.

Regional Supply

Ensuring an ample water supply for people and fish in the central Puget Sound.


Every drop counts. Use water wisely.

Climate Change Impacts

Snohomish, King, & Pierce Counties are working together to prepare for the impacts of climate change.


Can you imagine a day without water?

Regional Map

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